Are any headsets available yet?

I want the fully immersive experience on my X1, but there don't seem to be any headsets available yet?  Are there really none available?


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Doesn't seem like it. Kinda sad. I was hoping the Polks would be out at least, but it seems even the headsets designed to plug into the controller won't arrive until Q1 2014.

its Feb 2014   ....  nothing yet..but I still have faith..

Polk's page says Feb 14th. We'll see if that's just someone being funny or not.

I know the Titanfall headset is out the same day as titanfall and you get an xbox one adaptor which is the reason I am going for it. That's the only headset that has a solid release date. I think its pretty stupid  they have not even announced when an adaptor is out.