arcade game/ new game recomendation

I think it would be awesome to see an xbla version of dune 2000, honestly i couldnt care if the graphics get a boost id just love to see this game online and play multiplacer and cooperative modes, verses and campaign. 

Also i just want to add that i think they should create a barnd new robot wars game but this time have it accurate. they were such popular games and had such potential and yet never hit the nail on the head. to see an online mode and to have every robot that appeared on the show would be awesome. One last thing would be a free design for the shape of the robot. 

Anyone want to back me with these two recommendations? 


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the robot wars game sounds like it could be fun.especially if it had like a build a bot option to play online/local MP.i think there would be potential for weekly tournaments where you could enter your self built robot to win for bragging rights.

Yeah that would be good. Weekly competitions with different varieties. Based on weapon types, weight limits and walking/wheel robots