April Fools!

Hey all.

Thought I'd start a light-hearted thread where we can share any gaming/tech related Aprils Fools pranks that those big companies try so hard to get us with. I remember last year Turtle Beach announced their VR headset that sat around the face (funny how that's coming sooner than later eh?). So, have you seen any yet? If so, what?


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I've not seen any so far on the bigger sites.

An independent forum I use someone made a post this morning ... " Xbox One hidden chip found, will double the Xbox One's power" ...

Most caught on straight away but there were at least 2 people that thought it was genuine and seemed to get quite excited by it ;-)

I just saw someone post on Twitter ..

"Optimus Prime coming as DLC to titanfall"


I haven't seen any myself, but over on the CoD Ghosts forum people were thinking there were hacked lobbies as all the game mode names had been changed.

NZ time right now is 1 April 10:53 pm. Last year I had some friends who got spammed by "it's Microsoft's birthday" get free Microsoft Points (or rewards from M) and the message just goes viral. Even I got some last year. Some recent players even sent me random messages saying it's not Microsoft's birthday. Anyone who messages me that will get Blocked and if my friends get fooled by it just remind them it's an April Fools Joke.

I may need to change voice/txt messaging to Friends Only if I start getting spammed it should be over by the end of this month tho :)

It's not gaming related but I got an email from Peugeot this morning for personalizing your car horn sound. Very amusing.


this is the ign april fool for titanfall, have to say its very funny:


That IGN video was pretty funny, if not cringe worthy. It seems to be a little dry so far though this year.

Not gaming related; Plug Your Holes have sent me an e-mail declaring their name change to Gauge Your Holes. Of course poking fun at the people that think plaugs/tunnels/stretchers are call gauges.

this was posted in the respawn forums but very funny (not respawn related):


I knew Turtle Beach would get back on the bandwagon. LINK

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