April 25th 2015 System Update Wiped HDD. Console Coercion!

Just a heads up to any of you experiencing problems with the latest system update April 25th 2015. This update in my case has completely wiped out my hard drive on my Xbox 360s. My 250 GB hard drive is no longer in service after this update. All games profiles and save data are unavailable and the HDD is no longer recognized. I was playing a game minute before the update and after the reboot my video game life as i now it has now come to an end. After spending several hours talking to Xbox support and trying to resolve the issue with all of the tedious Xbox solutions it appears my final answer is to buy a new HDD and take one in the mouth courtesy of Microsoft or move on and start a new life with Sony. As frustrating as this is, it appears to be a blessing in disguise, like getting out of an abusive relationship, I am finally able to sever ties with this legion of a technology company for brighter horizons. The Nail in the coffin being that a system diagnostic for an out of warranty console is 1/3 of the cost of an xbox one. If this is console coercion i'm suing! Its good to know that my 15 year old nintendo 64 is still in working order.

Heres the tail end of my conversation-

its ok. It is frustrating, and i appreciate your help. So my last option aside from finding a PC is buying a new HDD? is there any information regarding other customers that have had this problem? I doubt I am the first one
Badette (Manager): at 13:12:55
We had customers with hard drive issues.
Badette (Manager): at 13:13:05
But not particularly after a system update.
ollie: at 13:14:19
so i am essentially in limbo on this one, on my own?
Badette (Manager): at 13:15:10
We'd like to help you on this Ollie.
Badette (Manager): at 13:17:49
However, looking into it, I believe we really need to have the console checked if it needs repair.
ollie: at 13:17:55
I dont see any recourse for the people that have released the update and if it is an isolated incident (being that I am the only one suffering from this problem) then I do not see how Microsoft would be able to further assist me.
Badette (Manager): at 13:17:56
if not then the hdd is the one we have issues with
ollie: at 13:21:09
what is the process for sending in a repair?
Badette (Manager): at 13:21:56
If it's under warranty, it'll be free. You will get a shipping label online then print it out and take it to FedEx
Badette (Manager): at 13:22:08
If it's no longer under warranty, there's a minimal charge.
ollie: at 13:22:17
whats the charge?
Badette (Manager): at 13:22:28
Once service center receives it, they will inspect and attempt a repair. If not then it will be replaced.
Badette (Manager): at 13:22:38
I can't see right now because the console is not showing on my end.
Badette (Manager): at 13:23:16
But it's cheaper online.
Badette (Manager): at 13:23:33
If the do not see anything wrong on the console, they'll send it back as it is.
Badette (Manager): at 13:23:41
If there was a charge, then an auto refund will be processed.
ollie: at 13:23:52
i have to reinstall the update to access xbox live
Badette (Manager): at 13:23:54
If they find no fault on the console, we can then confirm that it's the hdd.
ollie: at 13:24:15
i am updating now to see what the cost is
Badette (Manager): at 13:24:22
Yes Ollie.
Badette (Manager): at 13:24:25
Badette (Manager): at 13:24:38
Normally on our end, it costs around $135
Badette (Manager): at 13:24:41
something on that range
Badette (Manager): at 13:24:48
but online it's $20 cheaper
ollie: at 13:25:19
for a service repair?? thats 1/3 the cost of a new xbox one?!
Badette (Manager): at 13:25:42
That's why we encourage customer's to do it online.
Badette (Manager): at 13:25:48
It's below 100
ollie: at 13:26:00
for a system diagnostic?
Badette (Manager): at 13:26:51
They will inspect everything in the console Ollie.
ollie: at 13:28:00
This is what they call a wipe. Where the cost to repair is over the cost of replacing. Or if it were a car it would be considered totaled.
Badette (Manager): at 13:31:19
I'm sorry about this
You shouldn't be, its really not your fault. I appreciate your help, but things break. However, I do feel this is explicitly related to the system update seeing as how closely related the HDD disappearance happened after the system update. I do feel other people should be aware of this phenomenon, however, as they may not be as understanding.
Badette (Manager): at 13:36:31
I get your point there Ollie.
Badette (Manager): at 13:36:52
I would actually think the same if i only encountered the issue after updating.
Badette (Manager): at 13:37:16
Of course, if something breaks, we will always think what was the last thing that happened.
Badette (Manager): at 13:38:02
I would like to really provide you a clear information on this.
Badette (Manager): at 13:38:32
And posting to forums with administrators reading customers' issues can help us further.
Badette (Manager): at 13:39:22
But from our end, we can help you troubleshoot the issue and if all fails then we process a refund.
Badette (Manager): at 13:39:37
For system updates, they are created to enhance functionalities of the console.
Badette (Manager): at 13:40:11
So it really looks weird to me why this happened. I believe you when you said that the hdd only failed after it.  But we really cannot confirm that it's the udpate that caused it.
ollie: at 13:42:05
I understand, but this one had a broken code or a block for my HDD. I just can't justify risking a $100 on a whim.
Badette (Manager): at 13:42:21
I get you there.
Badette (Manager): at 13:42:25
That's quite an amount.
Badette (Manager): at 13:42:33
And we have other things to use it for.
ollie: at 13:45:48
Agreed. I'll post the topic, i appreciate your assistance in the matter. And if you get a chance give the guy responsible for this a slap for me. Thanks!
Badette (Manager): at 13:46:06
Badette (Manager): at 13:46:11
You made me laugh there.
Badette (Manager): at 13:46:22
But yes, I will definitely bring this up to our sync tomorrow.
ollie: at 13:48:14
I know my fellow gamers would appreciate airing any concerns and problems we encounter. Without your help from within the company were just hung out to dry.
Badette (Manager): at 13:50:02
Microsoft's goal is to always make sure that customer's issues are resolved and/or answered.
ollie: at 13:51:31
sure thing. thanks for your time.
Badette (Manager): at 13:51:47
Thank you too for your time and for your understanding.
Badette (Manager): at 13:51:58
you got it! have a good one :)

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