AP2.5 and Profile corruption


I have owned several xbox 360 consoles since they were released.  Some have been replaced due to malfunctions, others due to wanting a newer model.  I have one 250gb Elite (Fat Version) and one 60gb Pro.  I used the 60gb Pro  for a little while and then a friend bought it from me.  After a year or so they decided to go out and get a PS3 (no idea why) and gave me the Xbox back.  I started to configure the xbox so I could put my vast library of DLC and Arcade games on it so I could play them at another location without removing the hard drive from my main machine.  After moving my profile on a USB memory stick from the Pro to the Elite, my profile came up as corrupted.  I looked around on Google and found that it could mean my console is flagged or possibly even banned.  The forum suggested the use of a program called xVal to check the status of the console.  I found that it had failed an AP2.5 check and was technically flagged for Live Banning.  It seems like my 'friend' flashed it and then gave it back once it was useless to him.  I updated to the newest dashboard which I am led to believe reflashes your drive, so it is technically no longer a flashed, pirate xbox.

My main question, after the wall o' text background story, is can I send my xbox for repair to Microsoft?  It has an E74 error but I don't want to be held accountable for it being flashed and lose my second xbox.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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If your friend modded the console, he would have had to open up the console, thus voiding the warranty on it.

Therefore Microsoft will not accept the console when you send it for repair.

Damn, ok thanks.  I will just have to keep it, worthless as it is.

Have you been able to connect this Xbox to Live? A console should only corrupt a profile when it is already banned, as this is to stop people gaining achievements and then putting it back on an unbanned machine to update them to Live.


AP2.5 is a disc based protection that prevents copied games from even booting.

Just to be sure i'd phone Support and ask them, they should be able to tell you 100% what the problem is

Support does not have access to Enforcement Data and as such would be unable to tell if if the console is banned or not.

Then clearly, my post is void, and therefore, i am an Idiot :D

Please direct all questions at voteDC now :P

Haha, not to me. I'm just parroting back information I've read on the Account Suspension board.

Nono, please, i insist everyone now bugs voteDC at every available opportunity for any reason :D

Xbox was connected to Live for a few hours while I downloaded my DLC and Arcade games.  Console doesn't seem to be banned from accessing Live or playing on Live just corrupts profiles when moving back to a normal xbox.  Presumably my Gamertag will be OK as I only just put another year's worth of Live sub on it.  

That is bizarre bob, not something I've come across.


Your gamertag should be safe, from reading the account suspension forum they do seem to give a tag a 'second chance' when they ban a console. Both only tend to get done for serial offenders.


Have you tried a different device to move your profile between the consoles? It's an outside chance but it could be that which is causing the corruption.

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