Anyone's X1 arrive pre-scratched?

Or am I the only one who paid $500 plus tax for a X1 that looks used already? There's scratches on the top left shiny part, the bottom and front by the disc drive slot. I also believe the Up on my d-pad is rather sunken down and not as clicky as the others. I guess I knew I was paying $500 to be a beta tester but still. Other than the weird ticking the X1 makes in standby mode, everything seems fine except for the cosmetic damage. 


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Did you buy it in a store? Or was it shipped?

I noticed a mark on my controller yesterday and it is simply not possible for me to have caused this as I have babied it. Also the 'A' button seems to struggle popping back up every now and then, going to log with Xbox Support and see where I get.

The mark doesn't bother me but the broken button obviously does.

Got it launch night at Gamestop. The Kinect was well protected with that clear plastic protective film but the xbox itself was just wrapped in that foam stuff and had no other protection.

My problem is that MS has horrible customer service and I refuse to wait on my phone for 3+ hours just to be hung up on or told nothing of use by someone who barely understands me.

same  also my gamer tag is attached to a email that does not work so I had to start from scratch because Microsoft said there was nothing that could be done so there goes my 200,000 achievement points . so I am upset with xbox plus now I have no friends since I had to start over and have  no access to my 360. so add me as a friend if you want