Anyone want to get the 'The Combatant' Achievement in Fable II?

I could do with a co-op partener for this cheevo

The Combatant

Defeat the necromancer in the Colosseum, or see another Hero do so.

If you want to do it let me know. You will need the DLC 'See into the future'.



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uh if you can't find anyone i could help yah. i can't remember controls so it may take a couple of goes but i just did this with slow time and then fire (i believe) and killed everything in half the time and then killed him. let me know i can help though i am not sure when i am going to be online atm. maybe tomorrow night.

That was the strategy I had in mind, I have the time control skill maxed. I'd very much appreciate this. I'll send you an FR now. Let me know any time you are free to do it, theres no rush. :)


It's actually really easy when you get used to it.

no problem!

Just checked my achievements, must have got this one on my old gamertag. If only I had the game still :(

uh oh. you should be able to find it for a couple of quid naffry.

Think my mate has it, might lend it off him sometime.

well i can't help with things like dolls and things but if you do and need some help with co op stuff then let me know.