Anyone still using an original Xbox 360 Pro or Core system? Which one do you own today?

So, I may be one of the few that purchased a launch Xbox 360 pro system with the 20gb hard drive that didn't get the red rings of death. Granted, I'm an adult who was the only one around the machine and I take very good care of my things. In 2010, I sold my pro system to a good friend for $100 (Still with the box and all the original packaging) and bought the Elite Spring bundle that includes Forza 3 and Halo: ODST.

The best part is that my friend still plays from my old Xbox Pro system all the time and still has never had an issue.

Anyone still playing from a launch 360 Pro or Core system? How's it holding up? 


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My core still works fine bought day one however it was repaired/replaced 10 times due to RROD

My original pro system is long gone due to RROD. I've also had 4 others that have died, 3 due to disc tray issues and one due to a bad network port. Fortunately all but one were covered under warranty.

With a gamerscore of just over 6,000, I have to wonder how much time you actually spent using your console.

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My core still works fine bought day one however it was repaired/replaced 10 times due to RROD


Sounds like triggers brush in only fools and horses.

I hear what you're saying, and honestly I probably spend more time on my Xbox than my wife would like me to. I couldn't care less about my gamerscore... I'm an older gamer that spends more time in online games with friends and family, than I do finishing campaigns that would earn me a higher rating. Realistically, I go through spurts of where I play 2-3 times a week and then dry spells of where I won't tocuh it for a few weeks due to other hobbies and time commitments. (Work, Family, Warhammer 40,000, PC games, & paintball just to name a few.)

Regardless, I'm still anxious to hear about how many people are still playing from their original Pro and Core systems. Has anyone paid for the upgrade to the larger hard drive? (That's half the reason I sold mine and bought an Elite.)

I traded mine in for the Elite but I know my brother still plays on his original 360 Pro. It's holding up fine. He doesn't play it as much as he used to but he also takes really good care of it.

We still have our launch day Pro, going strong - Has never been repaired despite being treated in a less than ideal manner!

Aside from the cooling fan being a bit noisy it's fine.