Anyone Recieved Their Fifa Street From

One guy on twitter says he has it , but , unreliable, It says instock on their website so is it likely I could be looking at a Wednesday Delivery? - It has been packed and now says processing , what about yours?



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Theres a lad on my FL playing an 'early release version' or something along those lines, but doesn't show up on his played games list.

This is the second thread you've made about this. It will turn up when it turns up, just wait.

could you link me to the first please?

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could you link me to the first please?


Yes here


lol, I think someone is anxious to get their copy of FIFA street. If you ordered it from Shopto, you will most probably get it on Thursday.

Just be person saying they got it .early doesnt mean you will, its only Monday..chances are it will be shipped out tomorrow so you can expect it any time from Wednesday...more likely on Thursday


You do like your Fifa...that much is clear Terror

Have you noticed ? LOL

With the more 'Well Known' titles Shopto usually dispatch on a Wednesday so most of the time people get their copies on the Thursday! but you 'Might' be lucky and get it earlier, just don't count on it though.

Ive been playing the early release and I wouldnt get too excited. It does not register all ranked games as in i played say 30 and only 16 counted ( its the same for everyone) It freezes mid game like FIFA games of old used to. and you have the stand off until someone quits out and gets the loss. Gameplay is quite good but seriously its got so many bugs I phoned shopto and cancelled my order, they said i was too late so im just gonna post it back to them. Have 8 friends playing early release and they all hate it as its full of bugs

no i haven't got it yet