Anyone preorder their Xbox One dorm zavvi? (UK)

Just wondering if anyone that preordered from zavvi had their expected delivery date updated yet? My day one edition still says 30th November ;(

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Already a post about zavvi, they seam to be fairly crap as a retailer. its looking like it will not be Friday when we get the xbox one.

Yeah dude still nothing. No money going out yet. Not looking good.

Yep anyway I'm continuously checking my zavvi account and my bank account. Ill post on here when anything happens, just to give people who ordered through them a heads up.

The annoying thing for me is the amount of stores that had no Xbox ones on sale that now have Day One editions that can be ordered. How does Zavvi have none? Yet!

Got this from Zavvi in september, so it does seem it should reach us poor souls for launch day:

"Thank you for pre-ordering your Xbox One Console with on order number XXXXXXXX. We would like to confirm that your pre-order for the Xbox One will be the Day One edition including Fifa 14, your order will be despatched for the launch day. You will receive a dispatch confirmation once your order has been processed. If you have any questions regarding your pre-order then please feel free to contact us and one of our advisors will be more than happy to help. Kind regards, Customer Service Team "

Hopefully anyway.

I have just added something useful to the other Zavvi thread.


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Here's what I posted in the other Zavvi thread...............................................


Fellas, I have done a little digging on this one and to make a long story short, if you have any questions about a Zavvi order don't bother emailing through their internal system. The people answering are not giving the right answers. Zavvi do not have a contact centre or phone number but you can get the answer you need by calling their ebay outlet on 08442439088.


It worked for me. Just explain your question politely and ask for help and you will get it.


They are shipping via standard delivery on Wednesday and by next day courier on Thursday due to volume. Cash will be taken from Wednesday onwards.

Davee Cee

Cool does this apply to everyone that orders through zavvi or just the ebay outlet

Suggest giving them a call as I did. I ordered from Zavvi and not the ebay outlet.

Davee Cee

Might be worth checking your zavvi order status now peeps.

Just had a quick look at mine and the status has now changed from "awaiting stock pick" to "awaiting despatch".

Haven't been charged yet, but I expect that to show either tomorrow or Thursday.