Anyone pre-ordered from MS Store using Paypal?

I was looking through my account activity on paypal today and I noticed that the transaction for my XBox One pre-order had a status of "Expired". I know the funds wouldn't be withdrawn until it's shipped, but I'm worried because of the status. Does this mean I've lost my pre-order or will the status change once launch comes around? Anyone else who pre-ordered using paypal got this happen to them?


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Can not help but feel, any one stupid enough to use paypal brought it on themselves. They are atrocious to say the least. With all the complaints and bad press they get it is wonder they are still in business..

I hate PayPal. Why would you use that awful service?

Both myself and my friend pre-ordered via PayPal with GAME in the UK. Both of us had our orders cancelled with no explanation other than they had failed a random 'security check'. GAME customer services were no help (indeed they haven't even bothered replying to my last email), but I'm getting the impression that there is some sort of wider issue with PayPal and pre-orders for the XBox One.

So i called paypal has no idea what is happening cause they said that MS didnt accept the payment so it expires. Which is true because they dont charge til the 22nd. Called MS and they said that my order shows as complete but dont know whats going on on the paypal side of things they keep directing me to other people to change my payment method and nobody can. So what i have also found out which worries me is that paypal usually charges your account when you place the order and then it is held in your paypal account until MS takes that money. So I guess Im left waiting

That why you do it with DC directly and not paypal because I would  not worried being cancel by some third party person.  

Same thing happened to me. Calling the MS store tomorrow and paypal. On the MS store it still has my order as being processed.

I would call...  PayPal will sometimes cancel an order if the money to the seller is not accepted by the seller within a certain time...

I preorder and Item from Microsoft store one time and did the same thing to me , don't worry you get charge when they are ready make sure you have the funds on you bank account