Anyone play any MMORPG's?

Never really got into them but wondered if anyone here plays them and might recommend any?


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The only one I play is DC Universe Online (on that other console). Been playing it since the beta, so over 2yrs I think.

A word of warning, don't get engrossed or addicted to them.  It can suck your time away.  I used to play Runescape years ago and I would say that I spent far too much time on that game.  Wouldn't recommend playing Runescape now though, some of the changes Jagex made are really lame, but I did enjoy it back when I used to play it.

World of Warcraft is probably the biggest MMORPG.  Guild War 2 is fairly new and popular and received good reception.

I may as well mention that Star War: The Old Republic is a recent MMORPG.  Bioware added a free-to-play option to it, however I've read that the free-to-play option is quite restrictive.  Might be worth trying though to see if it's worth paying for the full game.

Yeah, DCUO went free to download/free to play but it's pretty restrictive on how much in-game cash you can bank, etc on a free account.

Spend a fiver or more on DLC or whatever and it upgrades you to the next subs level, which is better, but I pay £19.99 a quarter for Legendary membership (no limitations, free expansion packs, etc)

Hey mate.  I used to play World of Warcraft for years (far too much!!).  I absolutely love that game (especially Vanilla and Burning Crusade), I still miss it from time to time, but my circumstances have changed since I used to play, and I don't have the time to dedicate to it any more.

I'd certainly recommend it if you have plenty of spare time.

I wonder if the next gen xbox's will have a decent, popular MMORPG?


Some cool feedback :)


Would be cool to see something that appeals to a lot of different audiences.

Next gen I'm sure will have some stunning graphics.

Well The secret world went pay once recently. Its quite good if you're into Lore and the investigation missions bring something different other than go here and kill X enemies.

Its £25 on steam and doesn't screw you over with restrictions etc for not being a subscriber.

Also its pretty much designed to let you play casually rather than become super engrossed.

Your best choice would be warcraft but its best days are over... It started to go downhill when they brought out the expansions they cater more for the casuals now which makes the game far to easy.

Yeh Guild Wars 2!

I used to play world of Warcraft too (alot). My advice is dont bother with them, they can be easy to get addicted to and suck your life away. It's much better playing a nice variety of games.

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