Anyone picked up Alice?

As the title says.


Anyone picked this up? Thinking of getting it after work but wanna hear from a few gamers.


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It's a beautiful game, really well thought through and has a range of difficulty. I was impressed greatly by the use of the butterfly dodge and how accurate the control system is. It was a really nice game. Well worth a play, I picked up my copy pre-owned for about £13

I was quite surprised when I went into my local shop and they said that it had sold out. I wasn't after buying it though because I was very unsure of it. However, after reading this thread it does sound rather promising.

I may look into it some more and maybe wait until it becomes a bit cheaper.

Do people think this game will hold price for very long?? Wanna get it but dont wanna pay £40 for it to be £25 in a couple of weeks.

Much better game than it's getting credit for as far as "professional game reviewers" circles are concerned.


As for gamers themselves, we're enjoying it.


Gullen's post above is a spot on description of how the game looks and plays.


It's an entertaining platformer and if you enjoy progression and discovery you will love it.



I'm hearing a lot of good things about this I might have to pick it up!

Yup, loving it! I even like the sections in London, mind you, I'm a sucker for that kind of art style... very "Tim Burton".

This game is rapidly becoming my fave game on 360 so far this year and the HD remake of the original still stands up as a damned good game... a "proper" game... no hand holding and harsh as hell if you forget to save!

I agree with what you all say about the game. The first alice has some parts where the control scheme dosen't work very well but overall it is still a cool thing to get for free. I have no regrets about buying this and getting two wonderful games in one!

Picked this up today. As Gullen stated, the start is woeful but once you get into Wonderland then the game starts unfolding. Plus, you get a code to download the original American Mcgees Alice which is a bonus.

I completely agree with GULLEN's review, I pre-ordered this as soon as I first heard about it and have absolutely no regrets so far.

If you're unsure about buying it you could just rent it, it's definetly worth checking out.

I played it for around 3 hours straight last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.


The very beginning in olde London town is a bit shaky and doesn't fill you with high hopes but after a very short while you enter Wonderland and the game improves dramatically.


Graphically it's very gothic, surreal, dark and imaginative and whilst the graphical quality is by no means groundbreaking, it's more than adequate and you will find yourself just stopping and looking at all the weird goings-on more than once or twice.


Combat and weapons are gradually introduced as you progress - I've unlocked the Volper Blade, Pepper grinder (aka machine gun ) and clockwork bombs (think C4 ). Combat works really well - you can dodge certain timed attacks, lock-on or free fire and switch between increasingly difficult and numerous enemies. Weapons can be upgraded once you have collected enought teeth which are littered about the levels in smashable items, plants etc.


Control of Alice is accurate and works well - she has a single and double-jump which can be combined with a floating pirouette move to float and glide to more distant locations. Also she has the ability to shrink via a press and hold of LB to fit into tiny doorways. These smaller areas often lead to hidden objects like potions, collectable memories and gold teeth to further improve weaponry. Shrinking will also reveal clues as to where to proceed if you become stuck and also reveal hidden, previously invisible platforms and routes to other areas.


To sum up, it's impressed me far more than I thought it would. Some of the mediocre reviews give an unfair impression of what to expect - IGN's 7 out of 10 is a fair score. I decided to rent it, but honestly would not have been disappointed if I'd purchased Alice.


In fact, if the game's as long as I think / hope, it may well turn into a purchase anyway.


Recommended platformer with a unique style. 7.5 out of 10 so far

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