anyone notices the surface remains warm even after turining off?

Kinect is not on, and even after hours being off, the surface ( vent side ) still feels warm. i can understand if there is anything to be "stand by" when the kinect is not activated.

i am just worried if there is anything wrong, if not just consuming power.



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Turn it off at the mains or unplug it.

if you "Xbox Turn off".... it is still "on"   just in a very low power state...

mime is cold to the touch even when running on the left side on the right side there is slightly warm air coming out of the vents.

In Instant On mode, the console is just in a low power state when "off". You have to put it in Energy Saver mode to shut down completely.

You can tell with the power brick. IF the light is white, your console is drawing power for some functions. If it is amber, then the console is off.

My console is always in low power state.....kinect and console are cool to the touch (warm after or while running).