Anyone Haz NEW Transfomers game (Dark of the Moon)?



I received the new Transformers game this morning from Lovefilm, and had a quick blast before the ole F1, and is pretty good - more of the same as the last one.


There are cheevos for scoring on each chapter,but Im unable to see what my final score is, and indeed any reference as to whether it is just kills or kills & mission time, or whatever. As its a Lovefilm jobby, I don't have a manual so if any one could shed some light on this, Id be grateful.


Ill be up for some MP later too, if anyone's interested.


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Yup, Acti dropped my copy through the door on Thursday and I just finished it, well, five minutes ago :D

I don't have a manual either, but I do know your score does not take time into account ( or doesn't appear to) except for the multiplier decreasing when you aint blasting.

Melee attacks fill up your multiplier quicker, so try and use them.

Yeah cheers mate, watched my bro play a bit and sussed it. Shame that it looks quite a short game, but an easy 1000G!

Aye it is pretty short. 4-5 hours should see you through it without a problem. But multilplayer is almost ripped straight out of WFC, so that does add some playtime.

Does it have loads of long MP cheevos like War for Cybertron did?

No there are only four - including levelling one class to level 20. From what I've heard, ALL MP cheevos can be earned within an hour!


My bro said it took him 57 minutes to hit level 20!

Sweet. I'll probably pick this up.

The last game I loved, but having the Prime Mode achievment in annoyed me. Think that was around 50 hours or so of multiplayer.

Bought it today for like £2 quid plus Duke Nukem Forever.

I'm having a boatload of fun on it. Easy achievments and fairly short though. I think I'll trade it in this week with the 1000g for something else.

Is this game's multiplayer any good?

Has it got any of that 'retarded' whirlwind attack nonsense from Wars for cybertron?

Just an FYI folks this is a definite renter. Really enjoyable but damn its short. Only started it yesterrday morning and completed it already in 2 sittings.

@WorstedOrphan: Yeah Bumblebee still has that, but there are far better moves and I probably only used 2 or 3 times. 3 multiplayer modes Team/Single Deathmatch & Conquest. Max level 20 per class, takes about 6 or 7 matches to max out a class.

In all honesty, the campaign is great fun and better than War for Cybertron.

The multiplayer was far better in Cybertron.

In this one, the class balance is way off. As is the side balance.

For instance, the scout on the Autotbot team is awesome. He sucks for Decepticons impo. Unlike WfC, every class has its own ability. But, the two sides have different abilities.

And Orphan, yes there is a whirlwind attack. But now the Autobot Scout has it, not the big beefy warrior.  

Dunno, I just prefered WfC mp. I put about 50 hours into that. I'll be lucky if I hit 2 hours of time played on this ones MP.

The campaign is a load of fun though!

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