Anyone having terrible lag on MW3?

I have been playing since it was released, no major issues until today. Every game I join I am succumb by really bad lag at points, it says I have a 5 bar connection. Any else got similar issues?


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On the MW3 forums there was a post earlier with someone mentioning that there was some sort of server update/maintainence today, not seen anything official myself but it seemed a genuine post so I guess this could be the cause of problems today?

Hmmm, that may explain it, it just seems like it is only effecting me haha

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Hmmm, that may explain it, it just seems like it is only effecting me haha



Mind you when I was in a Party earlier with a few mates we all mentioned that Xbox LIVE seemed to be running a bit slow and for 2 of us the Market Place wasn't there, maybe this could be causing issues aswell?


I cant even use ELITE it keeps on disconnecting, what a waste of money hope they sort it out soon.

I did also have issues with Live, it seems to all be fine now. So hopefully it was nothing to bad, nothing my end anyway.

If I had used on of my double XP codes after forking out the extra money. I'd be so cross at the connection isues. I've had lag with full bar connection too and issues with invites and joining games.

Way around it would be give anyone using Elite services, 1/2 free vouhers for double XP.

the game does seem to go slow sometimes but i have had minimal lag so far.