anyone got any trouble staying signed into xbl on console?

or is it just me? i've tried 2 different networks and im still dropping connection to XBL.


grrr, i am worried that it's my console, i hope it isn't!


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No problems here.

Check if the ethernet cable is plugged in properly.

If you're on Virgin Media then you're experiencing a problem we all are lately.

I've no idea what's going on but as far as I know they have their own version of a HUB from Netgear which s prone to failure and althought it stays connected wirelessly it's actually not broadcasting the internet correctly.

If that is the case you should call up Virgin on 151 and have them attune your router.

If you're not on Virgin then you're out of luck with me. 

i think it's the wireless card in the console. 2 month old slim whoop whoop. it works via ethernet but i can't play in the office on the monitor in there so it means i can't play. great.

oh i have 2 wireless networks in the house. (a business line with BT) and at the other end of the property virgin. it can't stay connected to either.

Try checking the status for virgin media

Top right (Check your service status: Cable or National).

[quote user="makinmagic3"]

Try checking the status for virgin media

Top right (Check your service status: Cable or National).


it says all is fine. but like i said anywho i can't stay connected to the BT either.


though saying that it's been up on the BT for about 20 minutes now and before it was dropping every 2

I would reset the router/ modem, see if it improves. Otherwise give both (BT/ VM) a call.

Im with VM and my connection recently has been playing up.

About 1-2 months ago, laptop + xbox on = Connection awesome

Recently laptop + xbox on = Connection terrible.

everything is fine but the xbox... playstation worked fine when i checked it on both. just xbox.  though like i said its now holding on bt, i've left it on that as it has stayed connected.

the xbox also has huge issues scanning for the wireless so thats what makes me think it's the xbox more then the internet.

Just lately I keep getting booted off xbox live but I am on Virgin Media, which at least I now know that I'm not the only one experiencing this problem. It's really quite annoying :(