Anyone getting any of the new X1 headsets?

I see that a few people have already got the new turtle beach XO4 and XO7s, and I was wondering what people thought of them if anyone has them. I am thinking of getting the XO4s myself.


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I've got a pair of XO7's coming to GameStop on preorder (supposedly in tomorrow). Realistically, now that MS has decided to limit the controller output to stereo, I may not keep them. I can get full 5.1 DD through the optical output -> XP510 base -> wireless to XP510 headset and stereo chat through the (cheaper than the new headset) adapter by itself.

The only reason I'm even accepting the XO7 is to try it out, then connect the 510's and compare them. There's a (slim) possibility that audio (either game or chat) will be better with the XB1-targeted headset.

eh wait until after tomorrow night and i'll be able to let you know how good the polk audio 4 shots are...they look sweet and are made by a great audio company.  How they perform? Stay tuned.

Forgot to add- if the 510's sound as good, I always have the option of leaving the base connected to my 360's audio out, then just swapping the 510's between controllers (and accepting only stereo from the One).

Overpriced headset, the price for it on the official website $129 and here in the uk its £ 129. I was thinking about getting the xo 4 but after seeing the price difference, i changed my mind

well im paying $165 for my polks, but I dont consider that to be "overpriced" considering if I get 5 years of high quality sound out of them then thats only $33 a YEAR for what I figure to be high quality..also im hoping for more like 8 years of high quality sound lol..but that may be a stretch.

@drcyrex you can get the XO4 here in the UK for £70 from seems like a fair price for me (GAME are charging £90).

What are the differences between the XO4 and XO7? I've been looking but I can barely see anything. They both seem to do the exact same audio quality, but the X07 has a "premium" look and has removable ear plates or something.

its on my list for streaming uses only


I too didn't find any difference apart from the the premium finish for the xo7, the xo4 do actually have the same function but looks different.

Thanks for the tip though will have a look for it.

As far as I can tell, these are the only differences between the XO Four and XO Seven.

- The XO Seven has higher grade materials on the headband and ear cups

- The XO Seven has an in-line mic for answering phone calls when the boom mic is not attached

- The XO Seven ear cups go over the ear while the XO Four ear cups go on the ear

The more comfortable ear cup on the xo7 is probably worth the extra 60 alone IMO.

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