Anyone else waiting on a normal xbox from Amazon?

So I was planning on waiting to buy an xbox (I as a rule try not to buy any of the first wave of new consoles), but after seeing 64 player BF I couldn't resist, and pre-ordered late from amazon as everyone else was sold out. 

Apparently they have them in stock still, but who knows. I just know I'm guaranteed for Christmas and that I read somewhere that they recently got stock in so I might get mine after all on launch day (I ordered mine on the 4th of Nov, apparently for people who ordered after the 16th, things get tricky). 

Anyone else in this boat, or knows which sites will be for sure selling day one editions at midnight online? Store pickup is out for me as I am currently in Germany for the next year or so. 


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I had sympathy until you called it a normal  version.

I don't need your sympathy, but thank you

didnt know amazon had retail shops. anyway i dont buy consoles from amazon. i believe when a store gets too big all care goes out the window.

Who said they did?

Also I normally would believe that as well, but so far Amazon has never been anything but perfect service for me