Anyone Else Notice Shopto Are Now Slower ...

with deliveries?




Now this is NOT a complaint, as long as I have my game on release then I'm happy but for the second week running now they have not sent my game on the Wednesday! Last week it was Hunted The Demons Forge that I recieved on release day and my order for the new Red Faction only started processing last night, hopefully to be sent today!




Like I said, this is far from a complaint as I still use them for their prices etc ... I just thought it was pretty unusual for them, a mate of mine even mentioned that they might have got a slap on the wrist for sending titles too early most of the time and this could be the reason why?





Anyone else noticed the same?


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Doubt they have had a slap on the wrist mate because most companies send games early,could be getting stock late i suppose.

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Doubt they have had a slap on the wrist mate because most companies send games early,could be getting stock late i suppose.



Very true!




Like I said this is far from a complaint, just found it very unusual for them and it seems I'm not the only one, there's a few posts on the Shopto forums where people have mentioned the same.

Because getting a game the day it's meant to come out is the end of the world...

Maybe they're changed their policy or something.  Instead of sending it on a Tuesday so that you get it on the Wednesday (2 days before release) they've decided to send it on a Thursday instead.

Maybe they have had a slap on the wrist.  Usually when someone gets a game 2-3 days before release 9 times out of 10 they pre-ordered from ShopTo.

Got DNF off them today,you must have been unlucky lofty.

I got Duke Nukem Forever from them today, but when L.A. Noire was released, I didn't get that until the Monday after, so I guess it can just depend sometimes.

They sent me my Duke Nukham Forever yesterday and I got It today.

I cancelled my Duke order as I didnt want two new games on the same day, wanted Red faction more so kept that order live.

My order for Red Faction was also processed today so I expect Royal Mail will deliver tomorrow. Guess Shopto must have just recieved the game later than Duke as they are normally very prompt with getting the stuff out.

Any 'in stock' order I have placed in the last few weeks have still  gone out super quick like normal so I cant agree that they are getting slower. Seems to me its just more a case of them getting Red Faction in a little later than both they and us would like.

The last game I bought from them came 3 days early lol (DiRT3).


They're still the best IMO for buying online from even if its just for their prices more than anything else. Do they still have their recieve it on time or have £3 added to your account? If they're not sending games out 'til Thursday then they are taking a financial risk that could accumulate to a few quid over time.


It may just be their suppliers playing up.......still second only to here for the slowest site on the web!!!