Anyone else having this problem?

My XB1 keeps restarting. All.The.Time.

I contacted support about this a few times, and it seems to be ok for now, but if it happens again im probably going to send it in for repairs.

Has anyone heard of this at all?


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I've heard of similar issues over on the Support forums. I had my console shutting itself down ...

Is it restarting randomly or is it happening about every 1 hour? I ask because mine kept turning itself off on the hour, even though I was using it I believe the console thought I was idle and it shut itself down.

If this is the case look in the settings and disable .... "Automatically turn off after 1 hour of inactivity" ...

I know this is slightly different to what you are having, yours is restarting, mine just shut itself down but might be worth a try.

Good luck.

Has this started happening recently or did you basically just get your console?


Just asking cos when I got my console it was -15 celsius around here and it took like 30 mins before the device was warm enough so that it could boot itself up, before that it would instantly turn off again when I tried to turn it on.


Byt obviously if you've had it for longer than an hour the problem isnt likely about this :P

If I turn my console off and then shortly after I plug the controller in to charge, the console will start up again. Now I plug it in before shutting down, no problems since doing it this way.

It was a day one edition, I actually just exchanged it for a new one at BB. Hopefully problem is solved.

Hope  you kept your day one controller...the only thing that separates the early adopters besides the achievement, lol