Anyone else gone through 2+ 360's?

Let me first start by saying that I love Microsoft and the Xbox Brand. This rant is in NO way to defend or promote rival Brands or Products. Now, why is it that I have an original Sony PlayStation that works perfectly fine after all these years, yet, I have gone through three (3) Xbox 360 consoles in the last 5 years. Admittedly, MAYBE I did not store my first console in a well vented area or cleaned it from time to time. However, after it died and i was forced to purchase another console, I always kept it cleaned, cool, and well maintained yet it died anyways after 10 months. Of course i could have had it "repaired" and saved myself money but i just bought a brand new one with a larger hard drive and figured this would be the last of my issues. Unfortunately, it was not. My current console is now not reading BRAND NEW GAMES with no damage on them. I know I can get it fixed of course but what i really would like to know is what is Microsoft doing to GREATLY extend the longevity of its consoles. I know for a fact that im not the only person that has gone through multiple consoles, repaired or not. I would love to by the Xbox ONE but im a bit apprehensive due to the issues I've been having. Again, I love Xbox but for me this is quite frustrating!


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Yep 3 elites.l 2 rrod and about a year and a half ago  the third stopped reading disks. My halo 4 slim is working good and I got it December of 2012.

10 premium consoles the year after launch since then 1 elite 1 slim and an E

15 premium consoles,2 Elite consoles & my 360s is starting to play up now. Mostly disc drive problems & just had to send my Xbox One in as the disc drive on that won't read any games.

I've been through 6 consoles and not one ever broke as I'd always sell on before that point and get a new one, currently have my GoW slim and 360 E.

I have owned consoles that have had dvd drives issues. Iv'e been lucky never had the RROD or overheating issues with any of my consoles.

I have owned:

A 20 gig premium console non HDMI - Disk drive not reading games.

A 60 gig Pro console -Disk drive not reading games.

A 120 gig Elite Console - Disk drive reading games sometimes.

Consoles I have never had any issues with:

A black Glossy Xbox 360 Slim - traded it in.

A MW2 edition Console - bought secondhand gave it to my brother in law.

A Halo Reach Slim - what I currently have and is still working perfectly.

I think I've had 6. One RROD, 3 with disc drive problems, and one where the network port died.

In 2000 I bought a ps2 then in 2007 I bought a xbox 360 I had them both placed next to one another.I owned that 360 for 2 months and it burned up. MY kids were still using that ps2 on acasion till 2 years ago. With that being said Xboxes are great machines like anything else when they work, but sony is more of a safe bet. I bought the xbox one cause it has the potential to do and be more than the ps4 will ever be and I was 99.9% sure that Microsoft wouldn't put another half aus product out.