Anyone else find this really amusing?

[Mod Removed]

Since when did Xbox have a vigilante (get it? I was playing [Mod Removed]), threatening to "shut off my console for good," "track" my IP, (you can't see the message since I blocked the user right after 3:50:47) and blackmailing me for achievement hunting/boosting with a friend in a game that has a dead population? We weren't modding or hacking, just getting Calamity Trigger's achievements through legit and normal means, only faster.

They said they can "do something to me without getting in trouble." Well gosh darn it. Nobody told me that you pull something like this on Xbox.

I already blocked and reported them, but I wanted to know what your guy's thoughts on this and what other actions should be taken.


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Its clear that the guy [Mod Removed] is somehow ***... "I can do something to you without getting in trouble"....

1: Its quite stupid to type that to the person they will do it to, because You just took a screenshot and now that player have to live with the fact that they can be banned for threatening other players.

2: Its a bluff, I recieve these messages a few times every week whenever I play destiny with friends, We also "Boost" to get achievments and such, However, They have never done anything to harm me nor my profile, only thing they made sure, was to get themselves banned...

I somehow managed to violate the terms and conditions when Stephen Toulouse confirmed that it wasn't a violation. Did something change in five years when he last said that?

Posting links to images containing someones gamertag or calloing out gamertags is not allowed on the forums.

Block,avoid & report via your console.That's all you can do.

"We weren't modding or hacking,just getting achievement though legit and normal means,only fast"....Sounds like your just trying to cover your but because its possible that someone might be going to report you..

Don't worry a trained monkey can track your IP Address. Your IP cannot be used to hack you. The only thing your IP is used for is the routing of data to the proper location. The only way your IP can be exploited is a booter. Its annoying but completely harmless. It basicly clogs your router with unwanted data and you can't connect to the internet until its processed. Its annoying, but harmless. It also costs money. Anyway its easy to scare someone with and IP Address.

This is the only thing you can see with an IP Address: Its harmless information. If your location is accurate lie. Anyone who knows how to look it up knows inaccurate they are.

Anyway point is you have nothing to worry about. I'm trying to equip you with the necessary information call bull on the liars. Don't get me wrong if the wrong person gets your IP its annoying. But also know if your in a lobby of 18 people there is at least 18 IPs on there list and they don't know which is which. Don't join the party of someone you suspect of tracking IPs as it will narrow it down.

Anyway your safe, if you have any questions ask me PM or here.


They're going to report me for what? Doing something that isn't against the Terms of Use?

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I figured as much. I just wanted to be on the safe side and verify things.

How were you boosting online achievements without a Gold account?

Could of been using a trial


14 day trial.