Anyone else experience this?

it seems like my achievements have been going missing especially in my older games. Its blatantly obvious because my beat on insane stuff is gone on a lot of them and ill have random "middle" achievements that cant be possible to get without the previous of which is gone. Ex. complete part 3 of said game and none of my other ones r there. who can i talk to about this and why is it happening. im saying like whole games worth of achievement up and vanishing as well as just random missing ones.


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added note my gamer points used to be in the 30k or higher so about half my stuff is missing idk if its my hardrive or an xbox live thing or what ive had the same xbox 360 for around 2 years.

I'd try recovering my gamertag from xbox live.

idk how ive never done it and the layout is constantly canging can never find anything walk me thro it plz

Is your achievements not showing up on your console or on the website (

i checked after u posted that it seems most of them show up on the site but still missing a few from masseffect 1 such as insane difficulty playthrough and lvl 60 character achievements which my saves prove otherwise

If your achievements are not showing up on the website don't worry about it because servers are slow with catching up with recently acquired achievements and things of that nature.


Can you see all of your achievements when you turn on your Xbox 360 and log in to your account ?

Are you playing your account Offline. If that is the case the wont update

Dark Giro, did you ever Recover your Account while after playing Offline? If you do this, you can loose Achievements/ Gamescore because the Xbox LIVE Servers only know what your Profile looked like last time ti was Connected with Xbox LIVE.