Anyone else agree???

I am a loyal X-Box owner and X-Box live customer (take a look at my gamerscore and it says it all). I am seriously loosing my patience with the crap X-Box is putting out. First off the controller itself is junk. I am not a four year old kid my fingers are much to large for the miniature joysticks they slapped on this thing. Also I have four different controllers and they all feel like if I squeezed hard enough I would crush them to pieces. Next is the headsets. The initial headset that came with the console is crap. I hardly ever works and I have to keep it plugged into my controller at all times for fear that it wouldn't work if I did unplug it. Also when you do unplug it the game you're playing's sound gets all messed up and quiet. After the update I still see no real fix to the chat problem. My chat still works fine for awhile then just stops for no reason. I still have to mess with my mic every now and again to get it to work properly. Also (like a moron) I invested in a new headset (titanfall turtlebeach) and it turned out to be a huge waste of money. Most would say this is not microsofts fault but it is. The reason it sucks is because with the NEXT GENERATION we've downgraded from quality surround sound headsets to crappy stereo sound be fed through your already stressed wireless controller. This make the sound horrible. Last night a new problem emerged. My friend was chatting with me when all the sudden his mic started making sounds as if it had a short somewhere in the cord. So I let him borrow my spare mic (that has never been used) same thing happened with that one. So then we switched controllers and again same thing was going on. This only started happening yesterday with no signs of it before. Is it just me or does microsoft just seem to be going backwards with there hardware. Does anyone else have these problems???


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Sorry. Just because the controller does not quite fit your hands right does not make the system bunk. Plus the only chat issue i have seen is the NAT issue and thats an easy bypass.

It also sounds like your friend may be experience frequency interference.

If you look around for a bit, you'll find you aren't alone with those same complaints.  

The only good argument this guy has going is the mic shipped/bought with console. It is a bad design and is not very sturdy or reliable.

I still think him and his friend need to look into frequency interference among their homes. Thats what i suspect for their chat quality issues.

Agree on:

1. Controller is.trash and I have baseball player hands.

2. Mic does and out every once in a blu but I blame the mashing of sound via controller was rushed and it shows.

I feel for and can be patient and look for some simple fixes, ie; Kontrol freeks as I have.

This is a thread from Turtle Beach themselves. And to me it sounds a lot like the issues you are experiencing. Which in turn is a frequency issue. Hope it helps at least with your TB headset.

the controller is fine but the sound quality of the x1 is seriously slacking...i still get a pop/crackle and if the april update doesnt fix this im rma'ing my console...he's right on the static through the crappy headset adapter does sound like there is a short in cuts out left and right in titanfall and this was through three different headsets.  The X1 has serious audio issues all because they want to try to reinvent their audio and make a proprietary system everyone has to reprogram for...there was nothing wrong with the setup from last time...if anything digital optical switches/controllers/amplifiers and get wireless through that.

I can unplug and plug my 3.5mm plug into the female socket on the audio adapter and hear a static noise like a short...and that was through 3 of them like i've said before.  Its the chat audio adapters...they are faulty (probably because of cheaply made) yet they are overpriced.

I do not have a chat adapter so i can not comment on them, i really hope OP takes the time to read help article i posted to him. Even though he wont admit it especially after that go at xbox design, but i bet once gone over and tested it fix's the problem for him.

had this issue when living in a more populated household where everyone and everything in the household was for convenience wireless. It was always disturbing my gaming experience. Even with connectivity to internet through router.

I like the new controller more than 360's and wouldn't say I have small hands. Bought a new headset and returning it because I need voice feedback so I went with Steelseries H wireless. I think the Xbox One is awesome and it's only getting better. I've had different issues but nothing that would turn me away. I'm also a loyal fan. I've owned every Xbox version, MS surface 1 and 2. I even have a windows Phone. Stick with MS they know what they are doing and the Xbox will only improve with time.

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