Anyone a member of boomerang?

More specifuically, anyone use the Value 1 package? Where you can rent 1 game at a time, 1 a month. I'm interested in taking out this membership as it's only £3.49 a month. But, does anyone have any past experiences with them, what's their service like? And how quick do games get delivered, and do you get the games you requested?


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I use them, but I'm on the priority 3 package which suits my needs perfectly. I've been with them for over 4 years and I'm a happy customer. Their turnaround is very fast (takes a day for them to receive and a day for me to get a new game), and with being on the priority package more often than not I get a new game sent out to me for the day of release.

I think they have a 21 day free trial so you should deffo give them a go. I'm certainly not disappointed with their service.

I have been using them for maybe around 18 months now and have no complaints about them at all, they have been excellent to use.


You should defo give the free trial a go and see what you think.

I used them for 3 months on the 3 priority package and it took 4-5 days to get a new disc. Wasn't impressed.

I signed up for the Value 1 package about 2 weeks ago to rent Operation Flashpoint and it still hasn’t arrived, if they don't send it soon I'm going to ask for my money back as it’s a joke. I only signed up because it said it’s in reasonable demand and it clearly isn’t.

I tried to join they siad they'd get back to me

I've not got round to it yet, is it worth it?

To get games quicker you need to have several games on your list, if you only have one or 2 then it will take a few days to receive one, if i want one particular game i remove the others from my list and expect to wait a while before receiving it.

I'm on the value 1 (or was until recently)

It's absolutely fine. service and turn around are normally pretty good.

However they do treat you as a low priority for new releases (I can confirm this as I had a long feedback session with their customer services.) If you're not worried about getting a mix of old and new games, you can't beat the price.

Been with them for 3 years & never had a problem.