Anybody know?

I looked on the net but I can't find anything. What rank can you go up to in Ryse multiplayer? I'm at 105. I thought it finished at 100 but I guess I was wrong!

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Apparently no limit has been reached yet

Fair enough. Thanx!

Ive not had the time for the ryse MP yet,other games im playing,its like forza doesnt seem to have any limit either,hopingvthis will mean some more DLC for ryse?and not just soley the arenas maybe?for those who have got the (and congrats btw,thats a long achievement)level hundred mark.

I just hit 119! I too hope there is some good dlc on the way. Especially in character customisation. Maybe some new game modes would be good to. The only thing that gets me is how long it takes to earn coins. The tier 5 gold stuff is 6000 coins. Takes a while to get there to only get 3 items.

How is Ryse Dufful? Also there's an achievement for reaching rank 150 on Forza 5, I'd imagine that's the limit, if not then wow lol

Woop level 119,ah so you are going for that part in the new 300 movie!lol.with ryse and that spartan slaughter heaven.

I'm level like 86 on Forza 5, saw a 143 last night lol

Not sure the max lvl for either myself but was shocked when my Forza profile went over 150.

I'm  lv 293 (or over) in Forza 5....

Limit is the sky,i guess or when Forza 6 will launch....

But only lv 5 in Ryse....But i bought it a week ago.