Anybody here use Virgins Superhub

I'm being upgraded next week from Virgins 50mb to 100mb broadband. Thing is I have to have their superhub for the first time and I have heard that its not much good when using it for wifi which I will be doing for my gaming online. At the moment through their supplied modem and router on the 50mb connection I have no problems at all so I'm a bit worried things could go downhill. So I'm just looking for other players superhub experiences.

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I've been using the superhub for the past week and I can't really fault it, apart from the bright blue "Virgin Media" logo being constantly on.

I mostly have the usual devices wired and not had any issues with that - wired connection

Wireless for me seems fine, I only use it for smaller devices (ipods, psps...etc)

Also when you connect the superhub up, the xbox may regonise the network and you may or may not have to do anything.

I have had it for a while now been on 100mb for probably about a year.


It used to be shite when I first got it, the wireless would always bugger up and I would need to reset the hub but they seem to have sorted those issues with firmware updates. Although I myself don't really use WiFi that much, all my computers and Xboxes are wired, the only thing I use WiFi with is my phone but I've not noticed any problems with it in the last say 6 months.

Thanks for the info so far. My wifi is upstairs and all my consoles are down so I have to use wifi. I've been using cable wifi for about 6 years now and so far everything has been perfect. But the Superhub has always worried me as people say on the cable forums that the wifi side of it is pretty poor signal wise. But I've also seen a few say they have had no problems. But it's the online game playing side that worries me the most.

i never had any problems until i gt a super-hub.

for the first 4-5 weeks, it was fine, then it decided to kick me off XBL on a regular basis.

i was also having to re-boot the unit regularly aswell.

i then decided to purchase a new router, switched off the wireless function on the super-hub and everything is now fine.

I had read that it's an idea to ask the engineer to leave your old router or buy a new one and set the superhub to modem only.

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I had read that it's an idea to ask the engineer to leave your old router or buy a new one and set the superhub to modem only.

[/quote]This is what I've done!

You can't normally just take your existing router and plug it into the superhub and expect it to work - chances are you've got a ADSL router, which normally won't work. But a cheap 30 or 40 quid dedicated router will do the job just fine.