Anybody else having probs signing into Live?

Having problems signing into profile. Called support and they told me Xbox was having problems w/ ppl signing into thier profiles right now. Just wondering how many other people were having same prob.


Anybody know when its gonna be fixed?    error code 80151909


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We're not getting an error code but we can't sign in. Connection test is fine but signing in for games or apps tells us that we need a Gold account or doesn't sign in. Strange but for some reason I'm not shocked.

Got problems here 2 with Dirt 3. I am able to signing in here on xbox but not with Dirt 3 on windows. I havent tried with other games coonected to Live yet but checked ports and all other things connected with this error.

One explanation could be that massive DOS atack we had last week. My firewall sent me a meesage that told something about TCP/UDP remote/xremote or similar. It didnt manage to get through but maybe someone succeded in fooling the router or my ISP to change dns or something similar.

Im kicked off sometimes due to an IP Address error but that might just be some compatibility problems with my router and 360.

havin this problem getting the  80151909 error

I can login into my old profile, but not my new account.

xbox live status says there is problems with login...