Anybody else feeling the money pinch.

I am well and truly, 4 of the best games coming out in the space of a month and I can't afford any of them, battlefield 3, forza 3, modern warfare 3 and halo.


I am really gutted and I might just have to resurrect some of my older games, is there anybody else in the same boat as me.


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tell me about it lol.

Can you not trade anything in?

Like has been mentioned trading in is possible solution, usually get some good deals, i,e trade in a selected title and get another for £5 or sometimes even cheaper.


Also, are you a member of someone like Lovefilm? Can save loads of money in the long run by just renting.

not got much so no not really, plus i am getting fed up of trading in as you lose way to much, watched somebody in gamestation the other day, he took 15 xbox 360 games in 3 of them kinect titles and they offered him £29 store credit, pure daylight robbery.

Since Aug 26th I've played Deus Ex, Driver SF, Dead Island, Gears 3, Rage, Forza 4 and Batman AC all for a grand total of £49 and I still have Batman!!! All by the art of trading in using the best deals. Granted, I don't own all the games but my plan was to play all these along with MW3, Saints Row the Third, Skyrim and maybe a couple of others for less than the £70 I had on a GS store credit card. It can be done.

And I can always replay the traded in games by renting them from Lovefilm a later date.....mange tout!!! ;-)

Yep I'm noticing cash shortage more this year but as MA71LDA says it can be done, granted you usually have to trade after a couple of weeks but if there's a few coming out you want then you need to play the trade game a bit. I think I've played Deus Ex, Dead Island, F1 2011, Forza 4 and BF3 for about the same. I will now be keeping Forza and BF3 so that's my trade-a-thon at an end.

I find those deals that HMV and Game do the best where they take a recent release against a new one and charrge £2 - £5.

I still would like to play Skyrim and Batman so I'm waiting for the big red man to bring those at xmas.

I've got enough money to blow on games atm but i'll probably wait till they go cheaper.  In your case, always worth checking here for some deals:

I dont buy many games as I'm kinda poor. I got FIFA 12, Gears of war 3 of the new games and I'll be getting Battlefield 3.

Between trading Game X for Game Y for a fiver, whats left on my giftcard/reward card and paying for pre-orders when i have the money means im doing all right surprisingly.

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