Any word on a Skyrim Collectors Edition?

I'm 99% sure there will be one, I'm just wondering if one has been announced anywhere with details of what it will include.


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Really want the collectors edition but £130 is just way overpriced. Personally I want the making of DVD and the Art book a lot more than a statue. If they made a option with only them I would go for it but otherwise its standard edition for me

I went for the standard, I'll buy it when it's gone down in price. £130 is stupid.


In regards to the sig; Saw them at sonisphere this year for the paul gray memorial, very emotional night (shed a few tears) and the best live performance I've seen in my life, was right at the front too. Even Metallica never topped their performance.

Yep, found it the other day. Nice and pre-ordered

Likewise, have the standard copy on pre-order, which can and will be cancelled in favour of a collectors edition when it is announced :-)

I have the standard edition of Skyrim pre-ordered at my local GameStop.  IF (please) they come out with a Collector's Edition, all I have to do is UPGRADE my pre-order to the Collector's Edition and I lose nothing.   Starting tomorrow in Dallas, Texas they are having Quakecon where on Friday afternoon Skyrim will be shown off publicly for the first time and there are rumors a Collector's Edition might be announced then as well.  Stay tuned, and keep your fingers crossed.

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^^ what he said, Bethesda DO usually do collectors editions..



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I have pre-ordered the regular version, but I'm able to cancel it as soon as the collectors edition is announced and available. Just can't believe nothing has been announced this close to release.

^^ what he said, Bethesda DO usually do collectors editions..

actually... morrowind, oblivion, fallout, and new vegas all had collector's edition.   If you are waiting for the collectors edition as i am... then dont take the pre-order plunge on the regular version just yet.

Bethesda usually make great games instead of packaging gimmicks.


"Morrowind: GOTY Edition" came with a map.


So did "Oblivion".


You can be confident in there being a map.


Don't hold your breath for a "collector's edition".