Any truth in this power boost coming


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Could be, its not unheard of for drivers graphics cards on PC's to be updated etc. and the difference between the very first drivers to later ones can make quite a bit of difference.


Also their were reports before the Xbox Ones launch that Microsoft were having problems with the OS/drivers, maybe they have now got all of the problems/glitches sorted.

Highly possible since quite abit of the gpu is locked by MS right now, I wouldnt be surprised if they locked it just to lower the fail rate of the first models, also theirs rumor of a new SKU in the next few months

Seems to be all over the internet

The neogaf user is the same guy that reported an update would be released sometime that would feature somethings. Im just not seeimg anything substantial in what this guy says. Until Microsoft says it I am not hopeful for a driver update

Fingers crossed what would it mean better graphics again or what am not a computer know it all lol

Is there any truth to it? Only time will tell. Is it possible? Absolutely. As the software gets refined over the coming months you will likely see more and more power dedicated to the rest of the system. What is most likely is that Microsoft are monitoring how systems are being used and will make tweaks based on that data.