Any shops doing a deal for 12 months gold?

Hey guys, my gold runs out in the next few weeks and so I'm looking for any shops that may be doing a deal on a 12 month gold card when bought with a game, I know Tesco's do this quite often, anyone know of anywhere doing this sort of deal at the moment? Cheers!


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Think tesco are always doing a deal and I think Argos were doing something. Even check the dashboard because when I renewed mine a few weeks ago, xbox were doing a deal where you got a free game when you renewed. Not sure if that ones still going though but worth checking.

I went into my local Asda last night and they was doing 12 month gold for £25.

wait for your gold to run out,within hours/days an offer will appear onscreen usually better than any shop offer.if not ring ms direct on the help line they have offers on there too.i was quoted £23 for 12 months when the dashboard price was £39.99.check that your auto renew is off too otherwise you will be charged the full price automatically when yours runs out.

The asda deal is £29.97 for 12 months live not £25,they advertised it in all the national press yesterday along with 1200 ms points for £9.99.