Any point in getting Tritton Warheads now?

As my subject says,

I have a set of turtle beach x41's and I have the opportunity  to get The tritton Warheads.

I like the idea of having a true wireless headset and the swappable batteries.

The main problem is with the xbox 360 being late in life and a new one probably being announce is it worth it?

If I can use it on the new one then great but other wise... 


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The next Xbox might not be out until next year. In which case if you bought them now, just save £2-3 a week until the next Xbox is here and then you can buy a new set if these ones don't work without feeling the sting.

Id take a wild guess and say they will work on the new xbox

My Turtle Beach XLC's were really poor.


Until I realised I had them on backwards.


Turned them around and it was a world of 360 degree stereo.


All for £ 11.00. 


They'll more than likely work fine with the new device.


This is Microsoft.  Not Apple.



keep the x41's and save your money. i upgraded to the warheads and was disappointed. build quality and aesthetics, they are great, but i just didn't find them as good, sound-wise, as the x41's.

fortunately, they were faulty (chat issues), and game refunded me.

if you do find the money is burning a hole in your pocket, look into the TB xp500's, they're in the same price bracket as the warheads .

aw really?

did you try all the EQ settings?

there's only 3 presets, film, music and game. i only tried the game setting as that was all i used it for (for the week i had them that is).

sadly, none of the games i have are 7.1 (so i didn't get the full effect of the surround sound as it's meant to be).

i don't think there are any on the market that are. for that, you might be better off waiting for the next next gen console.

if you really want a new set now, i would recommend the px500's. i upgraded to those from the x41's.

they sound crisper, have 8 presets, have a better ear cup design, seem to feel a bit lighter and also do that silly fold flat against your chest thing that the warheads do.

if you get the xp500's, get 4 rechargeable batteries, 2 to use and 2 in reserve.

i'd like to point out that i am in no way affiliated to turtle beach.

hopefully, my ramblings have helped.

I too say keep you X41's mate, I also upgraded to the Warheads and was very disappointed with them. The sound quality was ok but I had to really up my voice when chatting or the mic would pick me up. Overall I wish I had kept my X41's.

I also had an issue where after using them for a short period of time I felt pressure building up in my ears which would stop as soon as I took them off. I tried adjusting them several times but it always happened. The last straw was a few weeks back when this happened again an it made me feel sick, got rid of them the next day.

i'm glad it's not just me who wasn't comfortable with the warheads.

i found them to grip my head far too tightly.

a couple of other negatives that i found were :

1. they completely blocked ANY external noise (not good when you have offspring or the doorbell rings).

2. the voice feedback from the mic to the cans was too great. rather than sounding like you are hearing your own voice naturally, it sounds like you are hearing your voice through a speaker. the same as when you hear your voice after it has been recorded. very disturbing.

as Reidzer said, stick with the x41's.

After i accidently unplugged the chat cable again, I decided to get the warheads as a birthday present.

Tried them out a few times.

I find the headset is more comfy than the 41s but time will tell.

Its extremely liberating not having a cable or something in my controller.

Because it links to your xbox it shows how much battery you have when you press the guide button.

Just trying to find the sweet spot for voice chat and game audio has been a bit of a challenge but I think I have cracked it now.

So far the sounds are good but again I really need a game that I can really test it on.

Any suggestions? I will plug in both x41s and warheads to test the oomph of each :)