Any good flight stick with throttle for Xbox 360?

only one that comes to mind is the one that came with ace combat game. Are there any others worth picking up? I was also looking at the Thrustmaster on amazon but thats for pc and ps3. maybe pick up a good ps3 to 360 adapter if that exists?


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the new ace combat game looks sweet

i don't know of any other than the AC6 stick for the 360.  i just wish they were doing a similar bundle for the new AC game.

I use the Cyborg Fly 9...although have had issues with the yaw control becoming stuck in one direction after a short period of time and are now on my 3rd controller. The problem is not mechanical - the stick moves perfectly, it is with either a wire connection which the stick is notorious for....however (since sending back my second controller have now found) can be easily fixed by soldering the connectors on firmly.

There is also a Saitek stick available that I know nothing about.

Do you know why the Saitek web site says this one is not compatible with Air Combat: Assault Horizon? I can't seem to find any info on what causes it to be incompatible.