Any cord cutters use a PVR?

Re-cutting my cord soon, Time-Warner is just not worth it, and since the One doesn't seem to have any plans to support media center, does anyone recommend an HD antenna PVR combo that works with the One's IR blaster?


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YES! The only clear choice at this point is the Mediasonic Homeworx HW150PVR. It works great for those of us who have cut the cord! I have it and it is wonderful! You can find it on Ebay for around $50. Here is a link to a video by one of our very own fellow Xbox One owner who explains how to hook it all up and shows it in action:

Forgot to mention, you do need to get an antenna for it, as it is not a combo unit. I have one of the flat HD antennas($25) that works just fine along with it.

Thanks for the feedback, that was one I was looking at. Can't wait to cancel cable :-)

Great stuff Bucmaster. I would love to cut the cord but I have little ones and a wife who loves her DVR.

So, after reading this thread, I'm interested in this product, but I'm not sure if it's what I'm looking for. I don't have access to cable where I live and would like to have a way to access the local, over-the-air channels on my Xbox One, which I can see in the Oneguide, but can't actually watch. Will this device (the HW150PVR) allow me to do that?

From what I gather, yes. And it's a recorder as well, if that interests you at all. probably not many bells and whistles, but as long as I can control it with Xbox IR blast, I'll be happy. Just ordered it and an HD antenna for a little $50 on Amazon! I'll definitely post impressions when I hook it up this weekend.

Awesome post a link to what you ordered if you can please. Thanks

I just wish it was at least a dual tuner, but i can live with it until there are more supported options in the marketplace. Especially at those prices.

Thanks man. Just hit the link and read several reviews on it. Good stuff. I have two antennas here at home I use on the kitchen and spare room but nothing like the mediasonic.