ANy beta testers confirm this

Seems to be a topic on respawn if your in the beta you can see how many people are  online in games 

Someone is saying Titanfall has 9k online surely not?

is this a new feature seeing numbers online


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I was playing a few hours ago and didn't notice.

I just checked your link and it said requested topic can't be found. So I think they deleted that thread.

The person is trolling you can not do this, am a beta tester!

Titanfall will have a lot more online than that!

The person will be peed off because it is not on his console

I think this is what you are talking about?

I am in the beta and this feature is not available, obviously you can see how many are online on COD and BF4 but that was already added in development and has been part of those games for along time and it is up to the developer to add this.  Plus it is very difficult to believe that a game that has sold over a million copies on X1 alone can be down to 9000 players online.

I never had to wait more than a few secondes to join a game.

For me there are enough people to play with.

I think the whole thing is a hoax.

if you mean beta preview then i am in that and havent noticed anything onTF but its never taken more then a min to find a full game

That is untrue you cannot see that.

However, my games always seem to be missing a player on my team XD apparently I'm worth 2 I'm so good