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I'm an ambassoder and have  been having trouble with gamers on Grand Theft Auto: IV using mods to the extent of system tampering. I've been harassed by the mods/gamer using them for the past few months and I'm wondering where I can report a gamertag. I've tried filing a complaint, and to no avail, nothing's been done. I really need help with starting an investigation on a few gamertags for modding, hack threats, and gloating about having hacking software. It's sad to see a good game like Grand Theft Auto: IV go to the dogs and see other gamers being harassed, and watch them get bullied. 

So any help would be good.  

Thank you. 


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You`re not an ambassador.

Reporting them on your console is all you can do.

File a complaint via your console

How are you  a Ambassador no icon means no Ambassador 

Filing a complaint through the console it the only report system. If you are being harassed on XBL I suggest checking out the following thread. It's quite informative.

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You USED to be an ambassador as you still appear on the leaderboard but looks like they removed your priveledges for some reason