Annoying kids on Black Ops

I find most kids on Search and destroy since Party chat is disabled. Why do Kids love the COD franchise? I think the franchise is now mediocre at best which is not good. I once got killed by a sprayer who had ak74u rapid fire and extended mags and he literally sprays at me, then he shouts in the mic, 'I Boyd this guy up badly'. I mean like, what do they mean by the word, 'Boyd'. 'OMG I boyd this guy so badly'. I dont mind kids talking on the mic but I do mind screaming. All I hear something like 'These players are crap, I am boying all these guys'. Like, what is this supposed to mean? The COD series was at it's best when COD2-COD5, from COD5, kids started buying COD. I wonder if Activision realize that 90% of their fanbase is bunch of 12year old kids.  Post your opinions on this and whats up with 'OMG, I boyed him badly'


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its easy to player and requires little effort to be any good and gives a false sense of achievement withs lots of bells whistles anf flashing lights while constantly telling you how great you are. just look at the Parody Duty Calls and you'll see what I mean as it shows up the main thing about COD and strips away the idea of it being some brilliant game.

By the looks of your GT aren't you a Kid aswell? Dont want to insult you, you seem like a mature "kid"

Anyhow I agree they are annoying but are a very fun wind up!.

All they use is 'chavy' slang. Most kids on Live nowadays think they are as hard as nails.

I agree.

Kids started buying it from CoD4, not WaW. 99% of them haven't played the games that came out before 4.


*99% might not be accurate but is probably pretty close.

Most likely they play it because they enjoy it, and their friends are playing it.

I play Blops myself, and do so because I enjoy it. And it has nothing to do with it being easy like someone above said. All Console FPS games are as easy as each other, Point shoot rinse and repeat. But some people are like dog with a bone when it comes to CoD and they just whine for the point of it and they can. Just move on play what you like and leave others to do the same.

I have met a great deal of adults on LIVE who talk just as much incomprehensible verbiage, so apparently its not something that is exclusive to younger gamers.

I don't think Activision could care less how old their fan base are, they care about sales and that's something CoD titles do not need to worry about.

Black OPS sucks

/end thread

Better than gaylo.

No, Deac0nn, I'm not a kid, I am 21 years old. The 1998 were randomly generated numbers when I made this gamertag. What do the kids mean, when they use the word 'boyd'?

Have`nt you realised that kids talk in text language now-a-days,,  Or are gangster wanna-be`s and try to talk/act like it ..

Just find a new lobby or mute everyone for me on cod 4

Basically its because they can run around at school saying "OMGorzzz dude did you see my AK kill last night on that greeeebo, that *** was siiiiiiiiik"

Taken from 12 year old sisters vocab and party chats ;)

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