i brought fortress craft for 240msp my account got banned for hacking ( i cant hack its made up ) and now i was playing it and it needed updateing on the account i brought it on but that one is banned so i deleted it and now i cant download it AGAIN cuz it will cost me again how can i get it for free ? oh and how can i change the email address on a account ?


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You cant you will need to pay for it again. When and account is suspended all content licences are forfeit

thats annoying but can any un bann an account because i cant hack thats the wirerd thing

Once an account is banned that's it.  There's no going back.  All DLC/gold/MS Points associated with that account are lost.  It's part of the punishment for doing something against the ToU/CoC.  

yh but i dint i know u did it cuz it had been christmas a i had a lot of points microsoft thought ill bann him and stell the all points i had im not stupid

If you have a question about your ban you need to post here. There is no way to transfer content from one account to the other.