Angry Leader Bee Great Resurrection

Or perhaps more conventionally known as "Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu" is the latest Cave SHMUP to be released on the XBox 360.


Like "Deathsmiles" the game gets a "Black Label" edition polishing it a bit for the 360.


The 360 version of "Deathsmiles" was amazing so I expect this to be no less awesome.


It's a SHMUP (arcade style shoot em up) so you can expect it to be a bit retro but it's also made by Cave so you can expect it to be really good fun.


Worth checking out as fewer and fewer games are as "pick up and play" nowadays.





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I want it but I can only play horizontal shooters as my eyes are fubar.

The game is out this Friday and this is the only review I've found so far:


Looks positive so far but then this is an established Cave title.


Should be a nice way to break up epic "Skyrim" sessions.



This does look very good!


Question is though, do I pick it up before Skyrim or wait untill later in the year :)

I've preordered it, but you may as well wait for at least a couple of weeks when it should be £15-20.

[quote user="LoftyBee"]

This does look very good!


Question is though, do I pick it up before Skyrim or wait untill later in the year :)



If you look at "Deathsmiles" you can pick this up for £ 12 - £ 14 now.  Depending how many copies of "Dodonpachi" flood the market I wouldn't be surprised to see the price eventually dip to something similar.


You just don't want it to get scarce like copies of "Two Worlds II" or "Battle vs Chess" (mind you these were only available directly from the developers and that's not the case with "Dodonpachi").


I saw a guy on Youtube unboxing his Japanese version stating that MS weren't so keen on doing direct arcade ports and for this reason Cave opted to release it on Disc (because fans of their games basically begged them to).


There is supposed to be DLC in the pipe line with the "Black Label Edition" and other modes available later.


The review above gives it an 8/10 but anyone unfamiliar with the genre should be clear it's a SHMUP (Shoot'emup) in the old school style of "R-Type" and "Ikagura".


Just goes to show the power of good gameplay.



The game arrived today and I finally got to give it a spin.


I once described "Deathsmiles" as "R-Type on Crack".


"Dodonpachi Ressurection" is probably best described as "Deathsmiles on Crack".


The Black Label DLC is immediately available for 800 MSP and brings with it a further 250 achievement points so if you max out on this game you're looking at 1250.


There's also the 1.51 version available for 80 MSP which doesn't seem to bring any acheivement bonus but is there if you like to have all the available versions.


The first thing you want to do is get the hang of is 'Bullet Cancelling".  You hold the right trigger to fire your regular shot attack but if you push A you fire a concentrated laser.  Kill the right enemies and their bullets cancel into bonus tokens upping your high score.  This also has the added advantage of being able to repel beam weapons fired at you.


When you've maxed your hyper guage hitting X and A will activate your hyper shot (which may also be modified into a laser).


If you can pick this up for about the £ 25.00 mark you've got a great game here.  GAME are selling in store but it's a little on the steep side at £ 29.99 and that's before shelling out for the Black Label DLC however try it and you'll discover why Cave are the King of Shmups.



Like I said before I shall pick it up a bit later on down the line, playing too many other games at the moment.


I've seen a few people now mention R-Type when talking about this and that's one of my favorite shooters of this type so look forward to giving this a go.