Ancient Relics Coalition

Hi everyone. We are the Ancient Relics Coalition (ARC). We're looking for some new friends to join our gaming community.


Is this U?: 

- love having FUN

- can take a joke & dish em out

- like gaming with new friends

- don't care how crap we are

- between 21 - 99 y.o.


Then U should join up. We can offer U:

- an active, user friendly site

- friendly, laid back, "mature", but slighty crazy members

- a BIG warm welcome

- and a lot of good laughs


We are muti national and we don't care where U are from or what your k/d is as long as U are in it for the FUN


Welcome to your new home ----->


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6 days left until DiRT3 is released and the ARC DiRT3 League starts :-) The DiRT3 League is an offline (with a couple of online events) "time attack" comp. U can put in as many laps as U want, whenever U want. Come and join if U want some of the action

So where does the chainsaw attach to the car

Don't need chainsaws on the DiRT3 cars.....U cause just as much damage with a lousy driver behind the me


DiRT another classic rally driving game. If you fancy having a laugh with like minded gamers then come on over and pay us a visit. WWW.CLAN-ARC.COM we care not about your K/D ratio or how serious you take gaming.

WWW.CLAN-ARC.COM gaming for the more mature gamer.

Do you brag about your K/D ratio, do you spawn camp and boost. Well, jog on. We want the more mature(Age wise) gamer. So if you fit the bill, come on over to WWW.CLAN-ARC.COM.


Dirt 3 comp at ARC. If you fancy a good old riot in the woods or a blast on ice, this has the lot. We're currently on the 2nd round so come on over.

If you fit the bill, what  have you got to loose, apart from boring games with no one talking. We have a great turn out every night, so we'll see you soon.


2 new sections at ARC, First section is devoted to sci fi gaming ie Halo, Gears, Lost Planet etc, also covers movies manga and books as well as RPG games like Fable, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Second section is covering retro game titles like RSV2, Farcry 2 etc and any other titles peeps want to play, Also covers Arcade games and original xbox titles etc.

Hi peeps. About time we started advertising again. We haven't done so since June last year. Anyway we are a laidback gaming community who like to win, but having fun is the main goal. Come and check us out at if you're 21+ :-)

Great clan to join for some fun online sessions or just to hang at the forum and chat.

Go to ........... you know you wanna.


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