Analog drift on 3rd controller

Analog drift in the one's controllers are just another way MS has found a way to bleed us consumers dry and not offer any support or guarantees of their product.  I bought my Xbox One just a few weeks after launch.  My first controller lasted 9 months.  I dropped it a couple of times so I put the problem arising on myself.  My second controller lasted 8 months.  I considered it being faulty materials/manufacturing but ate the bullet anyways and got a third.  It has lasted me only 4 1/2 months and I'm beginning to see a trend here.  I have a family, which in turn requires a budget for things to run smoothly.  I do put video game purchases in my budget as my two children and I enjoy playing them.  But when I have to take $65 and buy a new controller every few months (increasingly sooner and sooner), I have no wiggle room to buy the games that we are interested in.  We still have multiple 3-5 year old 360 controllers that are playing smoothly.  So why are the One's controllers performing so poorly over a small amount of time?

Contact with support was less than satisfactory as I was told to just replace it with my own money.  When told that they met quality standards that have been put in place by "my government's consumer agencies," I simply asked, "what were those standards and how soon did they see the analog drift arise?"  Internal information I was told.  Not much transparency there.  If the disc tray malfunctions, they fix it, if the kinect is faulty, they replace it, if the console breaks, they fix or replace it.  Why not have the same thoughts with their controllers.  Because they knew they were built poorly and could get extra cash out of you without you having a choice in the matter with a small 90 day window warranty.  You want to play, you buy!

I've loved my switch from PS2 to Xbox for a long time now but it's getting harder and harder to feel comfortable knowing that the standards they are building to are subpar.  Once this controller finally completely poops out, I'll try my buddies PS4 out and see how that works for me.  

Heed to all, keep your expectations low for their "high" quality standards set on their accessories and you won't be let down as much.


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