an odd situation

ok, i have the newest 360 --- the one where you dont have to actually touch the power button or the eject disk button - and my problem is this-

i have two cats -- one adult, and one furry terrorist kitten.  the kitten keeps walking by the front of my xbox and opening the disk tray while i am playing, and the other day while i was at work. --- so my console was running all day with the disk tray standing open. 

is there a way to dampen the sensitivity on these ?> or a way to turn that touchless function off and make it so it has to physically be pressed ?> or is the kitten going to 

need to meet with an unfortunate " accident " ? 


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Unfortunitely there is no option to change the sensitivity or turn the feature off, the only thing i could suggest is to put your Xbox up on a higher shelf or cupboard out the way where the kitten won't be walking past.

you could tape a peice of paper over the top then cot a hole ti it then flip it upside down so the air vent islike this   / then take a giant dump on it and then throw it at ur cat and just get an older virsion of the xbox (not recomended )

or u could just unplug iti do that anyway cause it gets warm and isnt good for the life of the power suply

Just leave a dvd or game case leaning up against the front of the console.