An observation regarding the headset audio drop-outs/clicks/pops

When the last dashboard update came out, I owned 2 controllers - a Day One Edition and a regular one that I bought separately. I updated the firmware in both controllers, even though I didn't own a headset at the time.

When the MS stereo headset was released in the UK, I bought one, and when I connected it up to one of my controllers and turned on my Xbox One I was prompted to update the controller firmware again, even though I had already done it once. That happened with both controllers.

While playing a single player game like Strider, the audio was fine, but while playing Titanfall in a party with friends, the game and voice chat audio suffered from constant, but small, drop-outs, clicks and pops. I've seen a few people post about this.

My regular controller broke, so it was replaced by Amazon. When it arrived, I did not update the firmware manually. This time I just hooked the headset up to it and turned on the Xbox One, then I was prompted to update the firmware, which I did. To my surprise, I no longer had any audio issues when playing Titanfall while in a party.

So, to those that have had issues with audio that are similar to mine, did you also update your controller's firmware without the headset attached, only to be prompted to do it again once you connected a headset? I'm wondering if this "double update" is the cause of the issues.

TL;DR version: -

2 controllers were both updated manually with no headset attached. When a headset was attached, I was prompted to update them a second time. Both had issues with audio breaking up while playing Titanfall in a party.

1 controller was not updated manually, I attached a headset to it, was prompted to update, which I did, and then I had no issues with game nor voice chat audio.


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