An interesting concept

What if we had the ability to "gift" content to our friends over Live....would you use this feature?


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It'd be a nice idea but would be really taken advantage of by the scammers online.

Of course I would. But then again I'm a very generous guy. I've been wanting to do this for a while anyway because I already can gift things to others on the Wii, so I just naturally assumed that you'd be able to do it on the 360 as well. But it being Microsoft, that's just another one of their quirky rules, they don't want you "gifting" anything to any other member on Xbox Live. Perhaps to cut down on the ease with which people could violate the ToS by "offering rewards to other players in exchange for MS points card, etc."

You can. you buy a card and message them the code when they're online.

I'm not refering to simply Microsoft points, I'm talking about full games.

Microsoft points are to be dropped which means that either we won't get pre-paid converted currency cards or they will be in denominated currency monetary amounts.  If the latter is the case then you will be able to buy cards to give your mates full games at substantial prices.

This will NEVER happen. It would be just like MS allowing everybody the ability to copy & give away games. The only way this could happen, would be if the gifter actually (and completely) gives away the content, giving up all use & rights to it, unless he/she repurchases it.