An insider's input on tiled Resources.

"Ever wonder why Ryse is an exclusive? Lets cover a few things and then we will come back to that and why others will be too and the difference in ports to PS4 wont look as good in lifecycle.

PS4 is stronger raw, hands down. Wont make any X fans happy but thats the truth of it. Now lets look at diminishing returns of raw gpu performance. Once PS4 raw compute limit is reached games will cease to increase in detail, complexity and performance. 1.8Tflop today is nothing great. Especially for an off the shelf card. Thats why games are buggy atm. Thats why Crytek say that Cryengine could already max out console.

So why does a dev with a Gfx engine that can already max out next gen console go exclusive with a supposedly less powerful console????

Tiled Resources Tiled Resources Tiled resources. Cant stress it enough. XB1 has low level API that runs seamlessly with High level DX11.2+ Tiled Resources. Game changer. Especially when devs get good at this its gonna be the nail in the coffin. This isnt wishful thinking, hoping. This is in practice, proven. PS4 doesnt have access and they are using OpenGL to try and duplicate but nowhere close to what XB1 does with it.

So is XB1 a 1.3 Tflop machine? I dont know, dont care about the raw number. How much deatil can i put into a game at stable fps? That I care about. Tiled Resources. People dont understand the importance of this. 32mb=6+GB of texture on call. Think about the iimplication of this number for a minute when it starts getting used widespread and efficiently. So back to the question of Crytek.

And the answer is because PS4 cant render it at stable FPS. Once PS4 hits performance cap there is no workaround, you just cant do anything about it. XB1 performance cap reduced by factors of ???? by Tiled Resources. We dont even know by how much yet as its just now being used by big Devs.

"They have also employed advanced level of detail techniques which remove details as characters are further away from the camera. This is dependent on per item level on character so there is no real switch of model detail all at once"

When MS said they will let the games do the talking they meant it because once more games launch using this resource there will be no denying the proof. Ryse is just the first wave"


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Nice read, that. And it would make sense to me. So PS4 is gonna tap out before Xbox One. That's interesting. I don't think it will make a big difference any time soon, but it sounds like Xbox may well be built for a longer duration as was claimed. Pacing itself would be the way to describe it.

I would refrain from quoting anything from MisterXmedia.... that is as bad as a Sony guy holding Cboats hand

So far its been proven in recent news.

do you have a link on where it has been proven?

Dont get me wrong... I read his journal as well... yeah sure... some things have been proven correct... some have not panned out....

Trust me when I say I would love for everything he says to be true.... but in reality....  Dig deeper and you will see

Proof is in the pudding as they say so I guess we'll see what GDC brings with all this DX12 talk.

Seems silly to me that PS4 will just get tapped out while the X1 wont. Yes MS are good at software but Sony have proven they know a thing or 2 about it also with their ICE team.

Anyway as long as I'm getting great games to play I'll be happy :)

Yep, after the 14th the 20th becomes the new game day on my calendar. We'll see what this DX12 stuff is all about.

DX12 isn't going to bring the Xbox One some magical solution to all the systems hardware downfalls. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but it's just the truth. It will lead to better optimisation and allocation of resources but don't go expecting wonders all of a sudden. You will unlikely see anything really special from either system until last generation systems get pushed out of the picture.

what's on the 14th fatal?

That would be Titanfall day for us Brits. Well I'm Canadian, but I live with the Brits.

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