An entirely Broken game for sale on Xbox marketplace

Ok I have been told to post here by a member of Xbox Live support  regarding an issue with an indie game.

I have previously posted about an issue with this game and another user has reported the latest issue in the report abuse section of the Xbox Live Indie Games forum area,

The game Banana Bananza is at present unplayable. It wasn't always so but for whatever reason the game itself is corrupt or there is an issue with the games coding. 

If you download the game it will show as corrupt as say you need to delete and re-download it.

I have done the following to try and fix it.

Delete and re-download 

Delete and restart my xbox and re-download

Delete clear the cache and restart my xbox then re-download

None of which have worked.

I'm am in the UK and my account is set to the UK region.

As of now the game I have linked to is not functional and as such not fit for purpose under the UK SOGA (Sales of Goods Act). continuing to sell said game is actually deceptive and highly disrespectful to customers. Also that 30% cut taken of games sales actually does mean that action needs to be taken and Xbox has some level of responsibility not least due to it being the Xbox marketplace the game is being sold on.

Again I am posting here because I was told to by a member of Xbox support staff, if this is the wrong location then could someone please direct me to the right location.

I have also linked all relevant points to the locations including a link of a screenshot of the message displayed when you try to launch the game.  


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WTF! Very loose definiton of "game".

^Very true

I don't know why support told you to post here since no Microsoft employee is going to see it.

The more appropriate place, where your problem has at least a chance of being seen by a Microsoft employee, is board five in the Support section

I have no Idea VoteDC I have posted there anyway to.

LOL The Cthulhu. Very loose. Why don't people who buy these types of "games" just buy a playboy magazine and be done with it. Unless looking at half naked anime chicks is your thing. To which I say............uhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah.

[Mod Removed]@op -You have played as many indies as I have to know MS has nothing to do with testing or reviewing indies.They are probably unaware the game is broke and will give you a refund if you talk to support NICELY and explain the situation.The number is 1-800-4MY -XBOX.Its not like youre wanting a refund because the game was awful -its because it wont even load up in the first place.They've refunded me before.

Wait- you said UK-ok maybe your toll free # is different than ours .oops..

[Mod Removed] If you buy a "game" that has you unveiling naked pictures of anime women, one puzzle piece at a time, you're doing so because you're a pervert. And that's fine. I'm not judging him. Do you. Just don't try to hide behind your integrity while doing so. He didn't buy the game because of it's cutting edge gameplay. He bought it to look at naked chicks. Period. The end. And that's OK

UK support number 0800 587 1102.

Whether it has partially naked women is irrelevant .Its a puzzle game first.The scantily clad women are just a extra incentive.Its no different than unlocking a swimsuit for Kasumi in DOA 5.To say someone is buying a Puzzle game for something other than the puzzle is assuming a bit much.Some of us like collecting terrible games.I have about 300 indies and have found some hidden gems.For 1 dollar is no risk when AAA games cost 60 and are still awful.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.