Ambassador Issues

I am an ambassador and have been for a while. It has been quite some time now since i have answered any questions. I think my account got deactivated somehow from it being so long. I am on the leaderboards still. My gamertag is: Real Wreckage.     Please help me because I want to get back to helping the community as soon as possible. Thanks!


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You need to remain active to stay in the programme,you will need to re-apply.

You dont need to be an ambassador to help the community

The best way to get re-activated is to make a twitter account and follow @Xbox Support and tell them. They will tell the appropriate people to get you back in. That's what I did about 2 months ago.

Let me get this straight. You admit you have not been active in answering questions and then go on to contradict yourself by saying you want to help the community.

Ya ok