Ambassador in need of assistance.

I applied for a spot on the Ambassador team, and I am not totally sure if I was accepted. I have access to enforcement program but I can't see the forum section nor do I have the mark under my gamertag. I have a rank which I think is my ambassador rank. I can also see what each lvl gets you as well as the quiz's. I also get the option to take request in the ambassabank but when I click on take it nothing happens. Please help thanks. 


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Wait a few days 3-6


It looks like you are an Ambassador now, congrats! for your Ambassabank issue I would ask that you try to clear browser history and if that doesn't work then try a different browser. If you are still having issues post in the Ambassador support forums as you should have access now. :-)

It works for me now thanks for the help. Comes to find out my pop up blocker was on lol didn't notice that. :)

Pop up/ Ad Blockers have NO bearing to your On-line status.

I wish you well but, a bit of research may help you become a better ambassador.

Good Luck!!!!

Glad things are working for you now.

Welcome to the team! :) 

welcome to the club :P

I had the same problem but think it's sorted now

Welcome to the 200,000+ ambassadors.  

Thanks glad to be here. BongKaos I guess I should have specified I could not help people in the Ambassabank because my pop up blocker was on. In the future I will be more explicit thanks for the advice.